Wirepas Pino : UI design and concepts


Wirepas Pino : UI design and concepts


The mission at Wirepas is to provide advanced wireless low energy communication solutions to connect devices to the Internet. Wirepas Pino is the only fully automated IoT network platform on the market. We helped Wirepas to design and develop a platform UI for the Pino Network.


The Challenge

With Wirepas Pino, nodes create the scalable IoT network that works without any third-party devices.

Our challenge was to design and develop a platform and reference UI that enables easy management and control over data flows on the network. The solution needed to demonstrate the capabilities and flexibility of Pino in easy to comprehend user scenarios from a wide and varied range of use cases.


The Solution

In partnership with Wirepas, we ran an in depth study to identify a range of use cases for the Pino network. This study involved working with the team at Wirepas to ensure that these use cases accurately represented and demonstrated the potential of the Pino network.

We designed and tested clear and usable concepts with the Wirepas team prior to the software development.

The Impact

Through a clear and in depth understanding of the current and potential users of the Wirepas Pino network, we designed concepts that resonated. Our software development team was then able to take these concepts and turn them into a platform and reference UI for use by the Wirepas sales and marketing department.

An in depth understanding of the users was critical in the development of a clear and easy to understand interface. The Wirepas Pino platform and control & management interface are now used to demonstrate the capabilities of the system and to help secure new customers.