ThingLink for iPhone


ThingLink for iPhone


ThingLink provides in-image interaction solutions for web, social and advertising channels, enabling content sharing and interaction with different social media content within one image. We collaborated with ThingLink concerning the development of their mobile app for iPhone.


The Challenge

The ThingLink application enables adding outside content like pictures, videos or links to a single picture. The web-based application was especially popular among users of educational & media environment, so the next step was to go mobile. The idea was to deliver a seamless experience of the image editing process for the iPhone UI.


The Solution

Our team created the concept and detailed interaction design for the application. We designed the outlooks, the navigation logic and the content adding feature while figuring out how to handle social media sharing and possible problem situations. We also provided a prototype version of the app with reference graphics. Our collaboration with the ThingLink team was very intensive and they could always see the direction the design was taking.

The Impact

Creating the mobile presence for ThingLink was an initial part of their service. The project resulted in a UI design that served the users intelligently and effortlessly. The playful UI was highly appreciated by the Thinglink team.