Patria is a trusted provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions. We worked together with Patria concerning the renewal of the user interface of their Advanced Real-Time Intelligent System (ARIS).


The Challenge

Patria wanted to simplify the UI and renew the visual appearance of a high-performance electronic intelligence system doing real-time and offline signal analysis. Simplifying the complex system was done in order to enable the most efficient usage of the system. Understanding the complex system and the challenges its users faced was essential to the project in order to emphasise the accurate information in different usage situations.


The Solution

The project started with intensive orientation to the system, continued by internal stakeholder interviews within Patria and some of their customers. Our project team collected important insight of the system users´ workflows in order to intelligently reorganise and design more effective layouts and work flows for the UI. We carried out interaction design for specific functionalities, designed icons and created a visual UI style guide, which all together formed the basis for the implementation work at Patria.

The Impact

Creating intelligent but user-friendly workflows was ambitious, but a successful delivery of the project considerably improved the system use efficiency as well as its visual appeal. Simplifying an extremely complex system in a way that important information was emphasised in the right place at the right time, resulted in intuitive workflows and improved usability, which will lead to faster orientation periods for new users and more efficient usage for Patria´s customers.

Co-operation with Leadin’s usability experts and graphic designers was very fruitful. Regardless of high complexity of the system, they quickly learned the key issues and were able to propose simpler solutions for some selected key components of the UI. The new visual style has also gained positive feedback from our customers.

Kalle Martikainen, Product Group Manager, Patria