Research: Financial services for small businesses


Research: Financial services for small businesses


OP is one of the largest financial companies in Finland. They constantly develop their products and concepts to ensure the best customer experience. We conducted research among one of their target groups – small business owners.


The Challenge

Small businesses compose a major target group within the financial services sector. OP wanted to gather a better understanding of this customer group in order to enable valuable service development in the future. We helped them understand the target group by studying how small businesses manage their financials and what kind of services and systems they currently use. Based on the target group´s experiences and desires our team also collected ideas for further development and empowered OP to utilise their customer insight.


The Solution

Our team conducted a study and analysis that addressed how small businesses organise their financial activities. In the individual interviews our team used the storytelling method to reveal indirect insight. OP was asked to engage in the final analysis phase in order to ensure they would fully benefit from the study insight and have the opportunity to learn more about this customer group.

The Impact

As a result of this project, OP got a deep understanding of how the owners of small businesses experience the challenges and benefits of financial services and systems. Our strong research experience, especially within financial sector customers, enabled us to produce insightful data and well defined analysis. OP found our collaboration valuable especially because it encouraged and empowered them to utilise their customers´ voice in future service development work.

Instead of just delivering the customer insight, Leadin also encouraged and empowered us to utilise it in our development work.

Matti Annala, Manager, Corporate Customers, OP