User research on the young visually impaired

Microsoft Accessibility

User research on the young visually impaired

Microsoft Accessibility

Microsoft is one of the world’s most valuable technology companies offering solutions for consumers and businesses. We worked with the Microsoft Accessibility team to conduct a research project on the young visually impaired.


The Challenge

Microsoft wanted to gather insight on the everyday life of the young visually impaired, specifically from the perspective of self-expression. Young people usually have their own ways of self-expression in the digitalized world and Microsoft wanted to better understand the young visually impaired. The purpose of the study was to take a look at the social life and free time activities and also to find out how technology is used in these environments.


The Solution

The project started with a kick-off workshop after which we at Leadin identified and interviewed a sample of the target group. In addition to the individual interviews we participated in a camp for young people organized by the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired. The analyzed results were delivered and validated during a final workshop with the Microsoft Accessibility team and with one of the interviewees.

The Impact

We took a close look at how the young visually impared spend their free time, for example spending time on social media, chatting with friends or listening to music. The results are being used as one of the building blocks in Microsoft’s future strategy & portfolio work and have increased understanding of the social life and needs of the young visually impaired.