Liaison Technologies is a global data management and integration company, specialising in the solving of complex data integration challenges. We designed a new UI for their visibility solution, Liaison Enterprise Navigation System (LENS).


The Challenge

Liaison needed a touch-friendly UI for LENS, a cloud-based business activity monitoring (BAM) solution. The brief for the project included transforming the current desktop UI into an informative, visually appealing and tablet-optimised UI, which helps the user stay on top of things. This required ingenuity and rigor from our visual design team as the project also entailed re-organising the system in a way that the user can view the key information at one glance.


The Solution

Our project team quickly absorbed Liaison’s business requirements and the goals of their customers via stakeholder interviews and workshops. In the fast-paced project we designed the new LENS UI iteratively in close collaboration with Liaison’s project team. Once the UI concept was ready, we validated it with users. Finally, the visual style was designed to support the final communication flow and an enjoyable user experience.

The Impact

The result was a functional UI that visualised tremendous amounts of complex data effectively. We succeeded in creating a user-friendly information management solution UI that enabled an enjoyable experience not only on traditional computers but also with touch-screen tablets.

The final result is good and just what we needed. Leadin was capable of making the identified design changes during the project in a flexible and efficient manner. Their touch UX expertise is excellent. It is a pleasure working with Leadin.

Lauri Hölttä, VP, Liaison Technologies