Brand & Product Icons

F-Secure Oyj

Brand & Product Icons

F-Secure Oyj

F-Secure is a Finnish online security and privacy company. It offers millions of people around the globe the power to surf invisibly, and store and share materials, safe from online threats. We worked with F-Secure to design new icons for their products, web sites and campaigns.


The Challenge

F-Secure aspired to renew the UI icons for their products. They were going through a brand renewal process and the style of the icons was to be designed accordingly. We took up the challenge of redesigning more than 300 icons.


The Solution

The project kicked off with a concept design process, followed by the actual visual design and production of the icons. Our graphic design team was responsible for creating the individual icons, which reflected the modern and simple style the client had requested.

The Impact

Collaboration with F-Secure on icons started as a concepting project. We helped them to define an icon style that fit their purpose excellently and helped deliver a re-designed set of in-app icons. The quality was so high that the icons were soon put to use also in their web sites and marketing materials and became part of brand DNA.

I have worked with several Finnish companies concerning icon design. The design and production of icons is a highly specific field of know-how and my experience of the collaboration and final product with Leadin was excellent.

Hannu Konttinen, UX Lead, F-Secure