SmartView front-end design and development

Cygate Oy

SmartView front-end design and development

Cygate Oy

Cygate is the leading provider of secure network and data center solutions in the Nordic countries. Cygate builds reliable, business-supporting network and data security solutions as well as high availability data centers. Their competence is based on more than 25 years of experience in the modern data network sector. Cygate Oy is part of TeliaSonera.


The Challenge

Cygate was developing a new version of their network monitoring and management system. The front-end part of the solution is called the SmartView. SmartView is a system designed to intelligently manage immense amount of SW and HW assets. The SmartView needed to be updated to be modern, visually attractive and easy to use.


The Solution

Leadin started the project with user evaluation and concept planning.  Key users and Smartview stakeholders were interviewed to gather the required information of the system for detailed UI design. After the UI design, Leadin continued with the front-end development of the SmartView. The software development was conducted in close co-operation with the Cygate team. Implementation was done based on the latest Liferay technologies. Leadin also assisted with various tasks such as selecting the libraries for specific Liferay portlets and also re-designing the user interface according to the new corporate brand guidelines.

The Impact

With the new SmartView, Cygate accomplishes the efficiency and security of operations for their data center business.

”Leadin proved to be an excellent partner in all phases of the project, from the early designing and sketching to the implementation of the service for the modern web experience. Involvement in all phases reduced the need of knowledge-handoffs between multiple partners and helped gain results faster.”

Cygate SmartView Lead Architect, Heikki Toivanen/Cygate