Making financial management tasks effortless by focusing on user experience


Making financial management tasks effortless by focusing on user experience


Accountor is the biggest financial management and HR services provider in Northern Europe. They focus on offering the highest quality customer experience in both digital and personal services. We collaborated with Accountor to design their new extranet service to fulfill customer needs.


The Challenge

Accountor wanted to create an extranet service for their customers to enable easy management of financial tasks. In order to achieve premium quality customer experience, even from the very first version of extranet, the service needed to be designed from the users’ perspective. We conducted user research and based on this, we designed the service interface.


The Solution

We helped Accountor to design an excellent user experience from a service design perspective. We conducted interviews with current and potential users in order to gather deep understanding of their needs and workflows. We wanted users to experience tasks like document management and communication between related parties as effortlessly as possible. In order to design suitable communication possibilities for different needs we also held a workshop with Accountor staff. Based on the knowledge gained from the research we created customer journey and user interface concept designs.

The Impact

The newly designed extranet service makes financial task management effortless and enjoyable. Task related information was made visual and easily available and the workflows were designed intuitively. This helps users to perform their tasks at work more efficiently and pleasantly. Our expertise in adapting the users’ mindset and turning it into design helped Accountor improve their customer experience.

I would happily recommend a partnership with Leadin for usability projects. We received excellent proposals for improving our services that were clearly based on a deep understanding of our users and our service process.

Mikko Mäkipää, Development Manager, Accountor