MicroSCADA Pro: Product Refresh


MicroSCADA Pro: Product Refresh


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Many ground-breaking technologies such as ultra-efficient high-voltage direct current power transmission were developed or commercialized by ABB. Today ABB is the largest provider of generators to the wind industry and the world’s largest supplier of industrial motors, drives, and power grids.


The Challenge

ABB has successfully delivered power automation systems for utilities, buildings and infrastructure applications for over 30 years. The products have evolved to meet new requirements. The challenge now is to predict the future needs of system operators and update the MicroSCADA Pro product. The solution needs to build on ABB’s experience together with the latest technology and the strong involvement of system operators.

ABB selected Leadin as a partner to study and analyze both current and future operator needs and expectations, design and update the user interface information architecture as well as design the interaction and visual style.


The Solution

In partnership with ABB, Leadin ran an in depth user study creating personas to represent the operators of the system. Extensive on-site user interviews clearly informed and defined user needs and expectations allowing the team to prioritize development of functionality.

Personas were then used to design a UI that helps operators quickly identify issues and guide them to the correct solution.

The Impact

By studying the operators in depth, the team was able to clearly identify priority areas for development. New system functionality, visual style and UI were developed taking into account current and future user needs and expectations.

The updated system will provide todays operators an easy to understand interface across multiple devices and includes flexibility to cope with anticipated future user needs and expectations.