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The big little gadgets

Used for both work and leisure, mobile devices and applications make our daily tasks more convenient and always accessible. The use of GPS, cameras, gyroscopic sensors, displays and voice controls open up new possibilities and enable us to re-imagine products and services that take user experience to the next level.

Understanding the end user needs and the context of use forms a solid foundation for mobile and wearable user experience design. Wearable devices present unique challenges as they are designed to be worn continuously yet are only accessed occasionally. For example , a fitness band might track time, distance, route and heart rate continuously however the data is only viewed occasionally during exercise. In these situations it is crucial that the information is displayed in an easy to access format with clear and easy to use controls.

The market for wearable technology will reach $70 billion by 2025

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A trusted companion

Our expertise in service design and production will help match consumer needs with your mobile and wearable technologies. We have significant experience of designing for small displays, touch operated interfaces and mobile devices.

The Leadin Casting method helps us work with the fundamentals of your business, understanding why your customers buy and use your services, and turning this insight into services that fulfil both the needs of your customers and your business goals.

We have helped our clients with

  • Concept and UI design for various mobile applications – smartphone and tablet
  • UI design for wrist computers
  • Augmented reality concepting and testing for pedestrian navigation
  • Tablet game design and development for location aware technologies

Case Examples

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