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Internet of Things

The New Industrial Revolution

A combination of networked devices, distributed architectures and big data analysis offers huge potential for creating high value service businesses. However, technology that exists on its own is not useful. Understanding how people and businesses reap benefits from the capabilities of the IoT is the key to success. For example, IoT may help homeowners decrease their energy costs by optimising the use of electronic devices, heating and water consumption. On a larger scale, IoT can also enable savings in industry and public infrastructure.

IoT technologies can improve industrial operations in many ways – for example, resource optimisation, preventive maintenance, and increased intelligence. In order to realise the benefits of IoT technologies you need to understand the users: what are their goals and information needs? What types of decisions do they need to make to reach their goals? How should information be presented and when? And how to provide information at the right time and place in a clear manner. Truly understanding the users leads to business success.

We have helped IoT clients with

  • Service and UI concepting for industrial remote control and management systems
  • Research on short range radio applications
  • Concept creation for connected media applications
  • Implementation of smart home solutions

A trusted companion

We help you apply IoT technologies and in doing so radically help you improve your business. Our user researchers clarify the user groups, their needs, workflows and tool chains. Through close collaboration, we spot the opportunities for streamlining workflows, utilise information and create new service ideas. We design and develop intuitive user interfaces with clear information visualisations.

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Case Examples

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