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Humane technology improves the quality of life

Health Technology is one the fastest growing industries today. Patient experience changes continuously as new technologies are adopted in hospitals. Technological advancements are creating better treatments and more efficient services. However, technology should not dehumanize the patient experience – it should instead save the healthcare professionals’ time allowing them to concentrate on the essentials – giving the best possible treatment to their patients.

New medical technologies are now expanding beyond the professional medical environment and into patients homes. For example, remote monitoring in the treatment of chronic diseases allows patients to maintain independence whilst decreasing the costs of treatment. Remote monitoring devices need to be, not only highly reliable but also extremely simple to use to prevent human error or misinterpretation of data.

As more and more medical technologies are incorporated into lifestyle devices and cross into our daily lives, ease of use becomes a commercial consideration. A good user experience can help make a great technology become a best seller.

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A trusted companion

Our experts help you design and implement devices and services with outstanding user experience based on careful end user research. Usage in hectic clinical settings or by patients using the devices at home requires the comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting usability and user experience. We work closely with you and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible results.

To make sure the devices minimise the human error, we test your device against international standards (IEC 62366, ISO 14971, IEC 60601-1-6) regulating usability.

We have helped our clients with

  • Service design and development for ‘techno-medical’ garments
  • User research and change recommendations for medical diagnosis tools
  • User research and concept development for applications for asthma and diabetes sufferers

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