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Design for sustainable growth

Expansion into services and software, distributed intelligence, Big Data analysis and energy efficiency are shaping the energy industry.

Companies are investing heavily on smart ICT systems, such as SCADA that is used for managing electrical grids. Operating room personnel use it for tasks such analysing and optimising the grid, outage restoration planning, switch planning and network management. Adding the needs of field maintenance draws a picture of complex and data intensive ICT structures containing lots of both challenges and opportunities.

One of the main challenges in this field is the building and deployment of systems that serve every user groups’ needs while being easy to use. Understanding each user groups’ responsibilities and task flows is required for building the foundations for design and development of systems with intuitive user interfaces and meaningful data visualisations. Only then can both operational and energy efficiency can be achieved.

Energy efficiency drives development of technologies and solutions decreasing energy consumption. For instance, AC drives optimise the running of electric motors, which can save significant amounts of energy in production facilities. Easy to use and informative AC drive control systems are of importance for several user groups and stakeholders, such as system integrators, vendors, operating and maintenance personnel. Future proof technologies enabling scalability together with intuitive user interfaces ensure increased energy efficiency and productivity.

The demonstrator that Leadin built showed the designed concept in a very illustrative way.

Mika Korpela, Project Manager, New Product Development, Vacon Drives Finland

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A trusted companion

At Leadin we use the ‘casting methodology’ : a service production method that brings customers into the focal point of development.

Our production crew formulate a deep understanding of your customers and, working with you, they cast personas that represent each of your customer groups. We use these personas throughout the service development process – we research, design and build services that are ready for deployment. The Leadin Casting method helps us work with the fundamentals of your business, understanding why your customers buy and use your services, and turning this insight into services that fulfil both the needs of your customers and your business goals.

That is why we so often work as close partners with our clients. And that is why they so often enjoy increased profits and higher brand value when working with us.

We have helped our clients in

  • Dashboard design for control rooms
  • Streamlining communication between field maintenance and operating room personnel
  • Virtual operating environments for training and marketing
  • Operational and business consulting for wind power generators

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