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Building Automation

Intuitive controls secure energy efficiency, comfort and safety for everyone

Building automation systems enable the managing of ventilation, heating, air conditioning and lighting of houses and buildings. Centralised and intelligent energy management achieves remarkable energy and cost savings in production facilities and other large buildings. In addition to direct energy management, building automation concerns optimisation of lifts and escalators, aiming to make the transportation of people and goods within a building efficient and comfortable.

Easy usage of the systems is one of the key components ensuring that building automation systems result in comfort, safety while cutting energy consumption. Too complicated a user interface may be a bottleneck for using the energy saving features and in the extreme instances may even cause safety hazards. Clearly presented information and intuitive controls ensure that right actions are taken.

We have worked in a close partnership with our clients for example

  • Service design and development for ventilation systems
  • User experience concepting and design for air handling units, both web and embedded
  • Service design for water consumption metering service
  • Marketing videos for building automation systems

A trusted companion

Building automation is not only about technology, it’s also about creating service business that add value for all stakeholders. We help you design building automation services and create systems that users like to buy and use. We identify stakeholders and user groups and clarify their needs. This builds a solid foundation for designing and developing systems that are intuitive and easy to use, and thus maximize benefits for all stakeholders.

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Leadin designed the visual style and user interface for our revised product. On the whole, we are extremely satisfied with Leadin’s work.

Tom Palmgren, Technology Manager, Enervent Oy

Case Examples

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