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Steering vehicles and machinery towards digitalization

The pleasant looks and smooth operation of a car’s infotainment system improve the overall driving experience and the increase manufacturer’s brand value. However, the main concern for any driver is to keep his mind on the road. This is the number one principle in designing car-based user interfaces, whether controlled by either touch or voice. Technology helps to improve the driving experience without compromising safety.

Heavy machinery is often used for demanding duties in demanding environments. Intuitive human-machine interfaces and good ergonomics (HMI) are the key components in a process resulting in efficiency and safety. Comprehensive understanding on the machine operator’s task flows and work environment is necessary to design such HMI’s, dashboards and remote controls.

Industry operators utilise the data these machines gather on their status and environment in improving productivity. The data is for example used for fleet management, maintenance optimisation or the automatisation of the production processes. Transforming machine data into an easily understandable format enables the making of right decisions timely, whether it’s about avoiding problems or finding out their root causes.

Leadin's Research team produces what you need, on time and on budget with a bit of extra surprise at the end of the project.

Elvir Hasedzic, Research Lead Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

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A trusted companion

We work in a close partnership with you and bring user experience expertise for your use. Identifying the user’s most relevant use cases in the beginning of this process decreases r&d costs significantly. By clarifying user groups and studying their needs, workflows and environments our experts build solid foundations for successful product development and user interface design.

We also take care of user experience management over products and product families while helping you keep your voice as the customer heard throughout the product’s lifecycle.

We have helped our clients with

  • Infotainment systems for the automotive industry
  • Remote controls and automated systems for drilling machinery
  • Dashboards for industrial machines
  • Fleet management solutions for the forestry industry
  • Virtual operating environments for training and marketing
  • Improving information flow between field workers and operating room personnel
  • Solutions for maintenance workers
  • Digital tool design and development for industry service operations

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