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A large number of people have difficulties using products and services due to disabilities or age. Visual impairments can make the CAPTCHA system unusable, colour blindness can put online forms out of reach and cognitive disabilities can make modern communication devices challenging.

Whilst some progress has been made since the various European Equal Treatment Directives were published, there remains much to be done to expand accessibility to services.

Design for all is in everyone’s interest as services that are accessible tend to be easier to use and more efficient. A more inclusive customer base can be served whilst complying with legislative requirements.

“Leadin conducted the research with a human touch and truly showed ability and willingness to understand the young visually impaired.”

Olli, participant of a study

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A trusted companion

At Leadin we use the ‘casting methodology’ : a service production method that brings customers into the focal point of development.

We formulate a deep understanding of your customers and, working with you, we cast personas that represent each of your customer groups. We use these personas throughout the service development process, from pre production through production and also in post production. The Leadin Casting method helps us work with the fundamentals of your business, understanding why your customers buy and use your services, and turning this insight into services that fulfil both the needs of your customers and your business goals.

We also check usability against international standards such as IEC 62366, IEC 6061-1-6 and ISO 14971. That is why we so often work in close partnership with our clients.

We have extensive experience working with diverse user groups

  • Concepting, design and development of a communication application for users with cognitive disabilities
  • User research and accessibility evaluations with the visually impaired for web services and mobile apps
  • Usability and concepting for the disabled, the elderly and with young children and infants

Case Examples

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