Thursday February 2nd, 2017

Why I am proud of our Crew

Topi Koskinen

Topi Koskinen


I’ve worked in many kinds of communities, but the one I like most is open and transparent. People respect each other, and many of them are also friends outside work hours. People help and support one another when that’s needed, and they share the achievements and moments of joy, too. If one is less willing to go for the social activities and games and parties, also that is OK, understood and respected. This is the way adults behave. The community I like to belong to is a great community and it creates a great environment in which to work.

Anytime any place

The company I find the best for me is where one can do his or her job where and when it is most convenient and efficient to do so. If that’s one’s home or summer house, then that’s where the job is done. If it is in the middle of the night, so be it. Sometimes your brain works best when you go out for a sunny walk. If you are honest with yourself and you respect the client you work for and the community that you work with, you will trust your colleague and your colleague will trust you. In the community I like to work, that is the norm.

Competent professionals

Among the top things in the place where I love to work is the high standard of competence and positive attitude towards the job to be done. I love to work with people that are true professionals, and always willing to achieve a little bit more so they can exceed their clients’ expectations. When you work with people that are competent in what they do, you learn something new every day.

The community I have the privilege to share my days with is one with people from many different walks of life. They may come from different countries and they speak different languages. Some are very young, others have experienced longer careers. There are men and there are women. But they all agree that this is a community they are proud to belong to! #LeadinCrew


As our reputation spreads and our client and project list grows, #LeadinCrew also continues to grow. If this sounds like the kind of place where you would thrive then why not drop us an email, we are always open for a coffee and a chat with talented professionals from all backgrounds.

This post was written by Topi who helps inspire #LeadinCrew to make people’s lives better through everything we do.