Wednesday April 12th, 2017

Overnight to Tallinn

Andy Sarfas

Andy Sarfas

Trip to Tallinn

As companies grow it is often difficult to maintain a true sense of camaraderie. Our company has seen exponential growth over the last 12 months adding an additional 35 ‘Leadiners’ in Finland, Germany and the UK. This growth in colleagues has been accompanied by an equally dramatic growth in new clients and new business. Against this background, we decided to hold an informal company event…on a ship crossing the Gulf of Finland…overnight.

After a lot of organising by Katja and the team in Tampere, reservations were made and Leadiners from four offices in three countries gathered at the ferry port in Helsinki. Our faces glowing from the cold Finnish wind, we greeted colleagues old and new. At Leadin we specialise in understanding our client’s users’ needs and motivations and so it is important that we also understand our colleagues’ needs and motivations. By doing so, we can create better project teams that deliver outstanding results and what better way to do this than by sharing a beer!

Queuing up for the ferry to Tallinn alongside the local Helsinki party crowd, new friendships were formed and old ones renewed. Then, after a group dinner aboard the ship, we gathered to celebrate the achievements from the previous 12 months. Much to the amusement of the other passengers, in teams, we then recreated the scene from the film Titanic and filmed our version of the mannequin challenge strengthening the bond that is Leadin. Office traditions such as the morning exercises from the UK were shared with colleagues from Finland and Germany and then, as with many events such as this, we retired to the bar. The combination of the Estonian heavy rock band, a rolling ship and maybe one too many beers meant that the celebrating (and dancing) continued long into the crisp Estonian dawn.


By keeping the event casual, we succeeded in bridging the gap between functions and locations. Software developers, designers, and researchers of all nationalities became simply Leadiners. Finnish and German accents mixed with a Welsh twang that must have sounded like a new language to the now hungover party-goers who were struggling to balance their towers of cheap beer from the supermarkets of Tallinn. By the time the ferry docked back in Helsinki our company felt more like a family.

The result of all the planning is that the Leadin team is even stronger than before, we are one team regardless of nationality or location and our clients will benefit from this close cooperation and friendship.